Defensive Handgun

Defensive Handgun

Defensive handgun class will help to teach you the skills to manipulate your handgun in a safe and effective manner. A CCW class just gives you the very basics. This class is the next step.

You will be taught and practice:
Drawing from concealment
Malfunction clearing
One hand firing and manipulating
Failure drills
Shooting from cover


Handgun, preferably your carry gun

Two spare magazines or speed loaders/speed strips

Belt holster

We prefer you don’t use the Blackhawk Serpa

Appendix carry is not allowed

300 rounds of factory ammunition

A sturdy belt

Magazine pouch

Baseball cap

Eye protection

Baggy button up shirt (concealment garmet)

Electronic ear muffs (loaners available)


Food and drinks, we do not leave the range for lunch

Sun screen